Sophia Renee: Contemporary American Photographer Working In Digital Media

Photo by Sophia Renee.
JC Arentzen photographed by Sophia Renee. The Boys of Summer.

Official Artist Bio Courtesy of the Artist’s Website:

Sophia Renee is an American photographer, art director, and photo-essayist widely known for the black and white editorial and portrait works she produces with a retinue of striking and sometimes unconventional-looking male models. Her unique aesthetic, provocative style, and keen eye for beauty has led her into working relationships with international brands, top modeling agencies, and two New York Times Bestselling Authors of romantic fiction, Jayne Rylon and Lorelei James.
Sophia has developed concepts and created eye-catching promotional imagery for lookbooks, romance novels, commercial advertising and social media campaigns, and her work has appeared in print and digital forums around the world.
In the Summer of 2014, forty of her portraits became the focus of an exclusive, limited edition monograph titled Little Black Book, presented by Morel UK and Art et Essai. In 2015, Morel and Art et Essai announced they would produce a second book, Evidence of Beauty, a collection of images and photo-essays documenting the photographer’s epic, five year collaboration with model Robbie Gambrell.
In October 2015, the Morel monographs and fifty of Sophia’s portraits were publicly exhibited by Soft Water Studios, a large artists showroom and collective located in the Warehouse Arts District of St. Petersburg, Florida. The opening night event drew one of the largest crowds the Warehouse Arts District has ever seen for a single artist. In Spring 2016, a condensed version of the retrospective was presented again by the Largo Public Library (Largo, Florida) in a large Featured Artist exhibit officially sponsored by Raymond James.  Visit the artist’s official website at

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